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CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 30rd 9mm magazines

Just added to the website for online purchase:


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Phones are down

We have been having phone problems. Please use our shop cell: 501-514-8626

Hopefully we get this resolved soon.

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30rd Scorpion mags in stock!

We have 30rd Scorpion mags. Last time we received them they sold out within hours. Call quickly if you want some. $20 ea and shipping is $8+ depending on quantity. 501-336-0474

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Team Automatic Accuracy at the 2015 MS Classic

Our team did fantastic!

All of us that work here shot the match early so we could work our vendor booth the next 2 days. That was a blessing and a curse. We finished in one day, but that day almost seemed to never end. We shot 4 stages in the heat and humidity, then watched a nasty storm come in and blow through the range, overturning tents and parts of stages. It rained and turned it into a muddy mess. Some stages had over a foot of water. We then had to finish, and we did at 8:00 at night. Oh well....

The next 2 days was better, but Friday saw another blast of rain and wind that ensured the rest of the match was going to be shot in the mud. Saturday night's crawfish boil and live band is always a blast, and a lot of fun was had by all.

Here is where we placed:

Matt: Production High Overall
Alex: Production High Junior, Production 2nd Overall & 1st Master
CJ: Production High Unclassified
Justin: Production Mississippi Champion
Don: Open High Super Senior

Some of our other shooters shot well, but are not pictured below. Bo Gray had a decent finish in Production, and Andy Stevens shot well in Limited, even with a bad back. A couple of shooters that still wear our contingency jersey from last year did great, Mara Wanderer won High Lady in Production and Page Vance won 2nd B Production. All in all, a good weekend for Automatic Accuracy. Our guns ran great, we saw a lot of friends and met some new ones at our vendor table.

Looking forward to the next one!

Automatic Accuracy's photo.
Automatic Accuracy's photo.
Posted on May 20, 2015
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Lucas Oil teams with Automatic Accuracy

We are proud to announce that Team Automatic Accuracy is now sponsored by Lucas Oil! Lucas Oil is breaking into the firearms market, and we are more than happy to promote and use their products. Our gunsmiths and shooters have been using Lucas Oil lubes and cleaners for a little while to test, and we are impressed. Soon, we will have Lucas Oil products to sell in the store....stay tuned!

Posted on May 4, 2015
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The “Jackson Package” SP-01 Shadow explained

The Jackson Package explained.

In my brief time in USPSA, I have had the opportunity to meet and shoot with a lot of folks shooting CZ's of some form. The sheer number of parts combinations I have seen over the years boggles the mind, and therein lies the beauty of the CZ 75 SP01 Shadow. Based on results from last years Production Nationals, the Glock is still a viable contender in the Production division. It makes sense. A glock 34 can be had in the $600 range, plus add a good set of sights, a 25 cent trigger job, and maybe some skate tape for a minimal cash outlay entry into Production Division. Thus, it is an economical platform to get in to. The rules of Production division however, limit your access to the almost limitless number of aftermarket parts out there to personalize or tweak the glock to your liking, and Glock's number of factory available upgrades for the 34 is well...zero. CZ on the other hand has made probably a million variations on the basic 75 platform, and every one of them seems to be different in its own way. The result is there is a wealth of available parts for the CZ 75 series of guns from a variety of sources. You can personalize them to your own liking, or tweak them to fit your shooting style or body.

Enter: The Jackson Package. The Jackson package got its name from the sheer number of people in Jackson, MS who have purchased Shadows from Automatic Accuracy. The package is unique in that it provides you with literally a one stop shop to get your Shadow setup exactly how you want it, at one great price. Other companies offer “custom” Shadows, but nobody really takes the mystery out of what you need or don't need like Automatic Accuracy. So lets break down the package, and look at exactly what it includes.

-CZ 75 SP01 Shadow with choice of 3 Magazines. Right now, there are 3 popular choices for mags.

CZ Factory SP01 Magazine; These are nice because they are an 18 round capacity and offer an extended basepad that gives folks with bigger hands a little more real estate to grip on to. They are also a good choice for the Multigun crowd.

Mec-Gar AFC; These are a traditional black mag, with what Mec Gar calls their Anti-Friction Coating. They fall free from the gun reliably, and are good quality magazines. They are a great with either the factory rubber basepads or the Ben Stoeger pro-shop pads.

Nickel plated CZ factory mags. These are functionally copies of the mec-gar AFC magazine with a nickel coating. Great mags, and one of the top choices right now. They are also good paired with the factory rubber basepads or the Ben Stoeger pro-shop pads. These mags fall free from the gun really smoothly, and of course have a certain aesthetic appeal.

-Race trigger job with CZ Custom competition hammer, 13# mainspring, internal work and polishing, shortened trigger reset, 6.5# DA, 2# SA . This is the heart and soul of an Automatic Accuracy tuned Shadow. Each pistol is carefully polished internally, along with their internal custom work on certain areas, and the factory hammer is replaced with a CZ Custom competition hammer. The result is a smooth double action, and a light rolling break on single action. Longevity is also fantastic. Some customers have reported their CZ pistols went over 90K rds on this setup, and were still going strong.

-CZ Custom short reset trigger system installed. This upgrade makes the pretravel on single action minimal, allowing for much more accurate shooting at speed.

-CZ Custom extended firing pin and factory reduced power firing pin spring. This is purely a reliability upgrade. The extended firing pin will ensure that your tuned Shadow will eat almost any type of ammo. I primarily shoot hard Tula primers in my Shadows with zero issues.

-Reliability package - polished feed ramp, breechface, cartridge rail, and a cut slide stop.

-Your choice of front and fixed rear sights - CZ Custom fiber front, Dawson fiber front, Plain black front, CZ Custom fixed competition or tactical rear sight. The major difference between the two rear sight options, is that the tactical has the corners milled off, and the competition is perfectly rectangular.

-Your choice of grips - VZ's, CZ Aluminums, CZ Custom Aluminums, etc. This allows you to choose whether you want thin, thick, rough texture, no texture, red, blue, green or pink. The choices of grips are pretty extensive. Let us know what you are looking for, and we can lead you in the right direction.

-Your choice of safeties. You have three choices here.

Wide - These are the factory shadow safeties. They sit lower, and are wide almost like a 1911. These are great for shooters that shoot 1911's or 2011's.

Small - The small safeties are the factory safeties from the regular SP-01 or 85 Combat. They ride a little higher, and aren't nearly as wide as the shadow safety. These are popular for folks looking to get a little higher grip on the gun. They are very comfortable.

Thin - The thin safeties are the factory safeties from the subcompact gun, the 2075 RAMI. They are virtually non existent on the side of the gun, and are popular with folks transitioning from polymer guns like Glocks and M&P's.

-Your choice of triggers - Black SP-01, 75B, 85 Combat new or old, etc.... This is an important option. If you typically find yourself having trouble reaching the trigger on a DA/SA gun, the Black SP01 trigger is probably the best fit. The 85 combat old style is a beefier trigger with a little longer reach. That is a great option for bigger hands. The newest trigger available is the Shadow Line trigger and it is a phenomenally shaped trigger that is very easy on the finger.

-Shipped to your dealer or AR sales tax included

All of the above sells for only 1500$ shipped to your dealer. This is the beauty of the Automatic Accuracy Jackson Package guns, everything you need, nothing you don't with the people and knowledge to explain it.

Another package available is the exact same thing with the milled in adjustable rear sight as the only difference. Cost on that is $1700 shipped. You can also get the Accu Shadows in either fixed rear or adjustable rear for $1850 and $2050 respectfully.

So if you've been on the fence about ordering a Shadow, but just didn't know where to start on what to get or where, save yourself the effort and get it right the first time with a Shadow from Automatic Accuracy.

Justin Myers
USPSA Production Master and Professional Firearms Trainer

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SP-01 Tactical 9mm’s in stock 91153

Only have a few left, they have been selling fast!


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May sale on cleaned .40 S&W brass!

We are having a May sale on cleaned .40 S&W brass. The sale price on 1000 pieces of cleaned .40 S&W brass is $40. Go here to take a look and purchase:


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CZ 75B 40th Anniversary

We only have 4, and that is probably all we are getting. Cost is $1499 plus $30 shipping.

Details from CZ-USA website:


This is not on our website yet, call us at the shop: 501-336-0474

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CZ 75 SP-01 Shadows in stock!

CZ 75 SP-01 Shadows in stock! Don't have many so if you want one call us ASAP: 501-336-0474

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