Posted on June 20, 2016

Would you be interested in purchasing an Automatic Accuracy jersey for your shooting sport? It would be just like the team ones but with your name on it and possibly the state flag of your choice.

I see some very loyal customers and friends wearing jerseys from over 4 years ago and am impressed by their tenacity in showing love for the shop. So, would you like an updated look? Reply in the comments yes, no or any questions. Thank you!!2016TeamJerseyPreview

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  1. Sure, I shoot cub matches here in Biloxi. I would be proud to wear one. Let me know and I’ll get you payment.

  2. Sure would. Send me payment and size information.

    • you can find sizes on the Gemini website and shirt styles. to me, they seem to run a size large. still figuring out the best process for ordering them.

  3. Sure, I’d like to have one.If you can’t shoot well you can at least look good!

  4. Currently working out the best way to make this happen. Whether we take your information and order you a jersey or give you the information and have you go to Gemini directly. As soon as that is worked out, you’ll have an answer.

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