Matt Teaches!

Posted on August 1, 2016

Multiple state and national champion and the force behind Automatic Accuracy teaches classes. Want a keen eye on you and your friends in a group class or need more in depth one on one, he can help! Classes are set up on a custom basis, so call or email the shop and we'll get you going.

And when you do come for a class remember these tips for being a good student:

1. Bring reliable equipment, ammo and gear. Test and tune before your stuff before taking a class.

2. Be "class fit". You'll be standing outside and shooting all day. The better you're able to handle this the more you can devote to doing the skills and paying attention.

3. Know your learning style. Do you need to see it? Hear it? Read it? Be physically shown? When you know how you process information you know how to ask better questions to get the answer you need.

4. Have specific questions in mind and ask them. Don't let an instructor just run you through with them on auto pilot. You paid, it's your time so get what you need out of it.

Bonus #5. Stay after if you can. If you've done well doing items 1-4, sometimes things happen after class is officially over. This is where having plenty of ammo, stamina and some good questions can pay off. No time pressure, less student, more relaxed atmosphere, the instructor knows you a little better, ect ect.

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