Absolute Value in Competition

Posted on January 24, 2017

I'd like to present to you a new explanation about the power of a Miss being scored on a target in USPSA.

Typically a target requires two hits, and two hits in the highest point value A area is ideal. Each one of those A hits goes into determining how many points you shot during that course of fire. If you shot two A hits on the target you'd be awarded 5 points for each, yielding a total of 10 positive points to your score.

Now let's look at the scoring should you shoot a single A hit and a single Miss. With the single A hit you earn a total of 5 positive points. With the single miss you are penalized negative 10 points. Combine these and you are left with a negative 5 points to be subtracted from your score.

You could have earned 10 points at best for the target, instead by shooting an Alpha Miss you are left losing 5 points. Or a total points value of -15 from what could have been the best result to the one you ended up with.

That one bad shot cost you then 15 points. A miss costs you three times as much to the negative than a good hit does to the positive.

Want better scores? You then must absolutely make sure you never shoot a miss again. Want training to fix this? Contact the shop to arrange a lesson for your group with Mink himself.


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