Practiscore and practice more.

Posted on January 27, 2017

If you've shot a match in the past year you probably had it scored electronically on the Practiscore app and the results posted on their web page. If you shoot matches all the time chances are you have the free app or even the Competitor app on your phone or tablet.

If you don't I'd highly suggest you get it! As the saying goes, if you aren't measuring you're guessing.

Generically what are we scored on in a pistol shooting match? Our time and our hits. Either in IDPA or USPSA, it's all about your accuracy and speed. Now how the two sports derive that score is very different but those two concepts, hits and speed can be looked at in Practiscore easily for either game.

Look at your score's composition however the results are summarized. First look at raw time. What was your time versus the division winner's time? Chances are you can remember a mistake that cost you time or the difference will reinforce your need to move faster through a stage and transition the gun faster. Look at your raw time and see if it is a weakness or a strength in how it effects your score.

Next look at your accuracy.  In IDPA did only 10% of your score come from points down. For example if your match score was 100 and your raw time was 85 then you had 15 points down. With these easy numbers that means 15% of your score came from points down. Shoot more -0!! If you're shooting USPSA did you shoot 90% or greater of the available A hits? If not, start to!fbbnn

So now you've looked at a match result and it's time to go practice and get better, reducing the number of errors you make. Let's take some of the guess work out of whether you're really doing better or not by putting  your drills and stages from practice into the app on your phone and recording what you do. Then you can see if your feelings match the reality of the data from your hits and times. Did I get a higher hf/less points down that run by using that target engagement? Answer this and similar questions by using the data from your shot timer and hits in the Practiscore application.

Do this and you'll more rapidly learn how to feel the optimal speed/accuracy balance and its effect on your scores! And be training both smarter and harder.


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