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Posted on April 27, 2018

Hello all!

It's been a while since we have posted anything new here due to the fact that we have been so busy.

But first of all, a little catching up. Last year I made the decision to sell the retail store in Conway. I also downsized personnel, and stopped our production of ammunition.

I also had to retire from the shooting sports for a variety of reasons. I miss that every day, along with the many friends and customers I shared the range with.

In between last year and now, several things have happened. I started another business that is not firearms related, and it is booming. Once it got off the ground, I turned my attention back to Automatic Accuracy, and started taking CZ work again. I did so for a few reasons. One reason is I keep getting reminded that most people in the CZ arena consider myself to be the top CZ pistolsmith in the world. To say I am humbled by that accolade would be an understatement. I also simply missed working on the CZ pistols. Over the years I have developed so many techniques to make the pistols operate and run, I simply could not let that go to waste. Also, and most importantly, our trigger work is generally considered to be the best there is.

So, without getting too long winded, here is where we are: I am again taking CZ work, and I am the only one doing the work here. I am operating and running the business, along with doing all the gunsmithing work.

So if you call and I do not answer, I am either on the phone or at the bench, or I am at the other business. Yes, I am very busy but I am no stranger to that.

In the near future expect to see more content posted here, mostly of our work that is coming our of our shop. Feel free to share and ask questions. We will respond or answer as quick as we can.

In conclusion to this long rambling musing, I must stop and take the time to thank our loyal customer base. You guys are amazing to work with, and without you guys we wouldn't be where we are today.


Matthew Mink
Master Gunsmith
USPSA Grandmaster (5 divisions)
IDPA Distinguished Master (2 divisions)

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