Starting in April of 2013, Automatic Accuracy started manufacturing ammunition commercially.  We started small, targeting the competition market, then slowly expanded our ammo line.  Currently we offer ammunition utilizing the excellent Black Bullet International moly coated bullets, and plated bullets from X-Treme.  We have most of the common calibers available such as 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, .380ACP and .38Special.


Unlike most other small ammunition manufacturers, we have on staff several competitive shooters who know how to load ammunition for all the things we want it to be:  Reliable.  Accurate.  Consistant.  Safe.  Affordable.

We have a very strict policy on quality.  Every single round of ammunition we manufacture gets inspected by hand and case gauged.  That may seem like overkill to some of the other companies, but not to us.  We want every round that ends up in the hands of a shooter to perform.  We regularly chronograph the ammunition that is being manufactured to ensure we do not have any velocity swings that would negatively impact our product.

When we do load development, we don't just randomly select a powder and see what it does.  We do painstaking research to end up with a load that performs better than we expect to find anywhere else.  All of our current loads we offer routinely have Standard Deviation for velocity in the single digits when we test them.  All of our 9mm loads will at least make minor for USPSA or IDPA out of a full size gun.  Our .40 and .45 loads will make major out of full size guns.  All of our loads are tested for accuracy at distance too.  You can expect our ammo to shoot better than storebought, off the shelf ammo.

And how does our ammo perform?  Just ask some of the shooters who have already won shooting matches with it.  If the President/CEO of our company uses the ammo to win National titles with it, then we think that says it all.

But our ammo is not just for competition.  It is also great for plinking at the range.

IMG_20130821_200156_650Most of our ammo is bulk packed.  That helps to keep the cost down.  And speaking of cost, we take pride in having affordable ammunition.  We also offer ammunition in 50rd boxes.

We've all heard horror stories from lesser companies making a lesser product.  Rest assured we are not one of those and we have many years of experience with reloading, manufacturing, quality control and plain ole common sense.  No "gun show reloads" here!

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We are constantly working on adding new loads and calibers to our lineup.  We are also taking orders for non catalog loads like .38 Supercomp, just contact us for anything out of the ordinary.  Stay tuned and keep checking back for new products!

We also do custom loads for our customers.  Just let us know bullet weight and caliber, and the firearm you are shooting it out of, and we will work up a load for you.

Matt winning Production at the 2013 MS Classic with Automatic Accuracy Custom Ammunition

Matt winning Production at the 2013 MS Classic with Automatic Accuracy Custom Ammunition

Typical 10yd 10 shot group, no rest.

Typical 10yd 10 shot group, no rest.