2014 Contingency Program

2014 Automatic Accuracy Contingency Program

This page will contain all the rules, information and stats of the 2014 Contingency Program.  Check here often for updates and announcements.

If you are used to shooting in a Contingency Program, then some of this will be familiar.  However, ours will be different in some aspects.  The focus is on performance, because after all shooting matches is about performance.  To make it as fair as possible we are using a points system based upon match performance.  Shooting matches, winning or placing in classes or divisions, and shooting your classification earns the shooter points.  The points are tracked by us and will be tallied at the end of the shooting season.  The Top 5 finishers by points will win some awesome prizes.  Everyone else that didn't make the Top 5 will then get to redeem their points earned at our website for product we sell.

It's also going to be fun.  At certain matches we are going to place a headhunter award on a shooter.  Beating that shooter in the match will result in bonus points.  We will also pick one stage in a match for extra points as well.  There will also be some other fun things we will do throughout the year.

To get involved all the shooter needs to do is register at the link to the right of the screen.

Purchase the official team jersey with your name on it from Gemini apparel.

Then throughout the shooting season when you complete a match, email us an action picture and a picture of you accepting your award at each match wearing your official jersey.

As an added bonus, once you do this you automatically receive a 5% discount when purchasing anything through our webstore, by calling in.  As another bonus, if you do call the store, you may receive info on additional daily discounts!

The official rules are below, please read them carefully:

2014 Automatic Accuracy Contingency Program

This program by Automatic Accuracy exists to reward practical shooters for the 2014 season.  The requirements are:

  • Must register for the program on www.automaticaccuracy.net
  • Must purchase an official contingency jersey.  Custom jerseys can be ordered (call upon request).   Shooter may also add our logos to their own jersey and still be eligible for the program but they must be approved beforehand.  All of the program sponsors will need to be recognized.

How to Qualify for the Points System

Points will be given out on Major Matches ONLY.  Matches can be in the form of USPSA, IDPA, USPSA Multi-Gun, and Steel Matches. To earn Points you must place in your Class and division according to the rules placed in the type of match you are shooting. Shooter must email AA after the match is over.  The email must contain:

  • Subject line – 2014 Automatic Accuracy Contingency Program YOUR NAME
  • One “action” pic of you in your approved jersey
  • If you place in class, division or category and receive an award, you must include a pic of you receiving that award in your official jersey
  • Include a link to the official posted results or equivalent.
  • You may include a short write up if desired.  We may even post it somewhere for discussion or on the website.

AA will keep up with all points earned, and at the end of the year the winners will be recognized.

Our email address:  automaticaccuracy@gmail.com



Points System

Points will be awarded as followed:

  • 10 points for division champion (must be at least 20 shooters in division)
  • 8 points for division 2nd overall (must be at least 40 shooters in division)
  • 6 points for division 3rd overall (must be at least 60 shooters in division)
  • 5 points for class win (must be at least 5 shooters in class)
  • 4 points for 2nd in your class (must be at least 10 shooters in class)
  • 3 points for 3rd in your class (must be at least 15 shooters in class)
  • 1 point for competing in the match
  • 3 points for category win (must be at least 5 shooters in category)
  • 1 point for finishing the match at or above your current classification

Additionally, USPSA GM’s and IDPA DM’s are not eligible for a class win.  Those shooters should be competing for a division win and nothing else.  Also if you win a division as a Master class shooter or below, your class win devolves down to the next class winner.  That also applies to Division overall placements, your class win devolves down.  If there are not 20 shooters in a division, then the class win counts and do not devolve down.  Keep in mind this is OUR points system, if the individual match scores differently, it doesn’t matter here.  A DQ  from a match or no score disqualifies your from earning any points from that match.   Nationals will count as double points!  The 2014 IPSC World Shoot will not count, as everyone will not have the opportunity to shoot it, however we may have a special prize for a good finish there.

Bonus Points


A few days before the match, we may place a bounty on shooter(s). Place higher than that shooter in that division and you will receive bonus points to be specified in the special announcement.   Also we may pick a certain stage and set a performance goal for extra points.





Top prizes will be awarded for the top 5 in the point at the end of the year.  Points will run from the beginning of the 2014 season to the end of November.  For every shooter who did not end up in the Top 5, for every 2 points earned, you will receive $1.00 in credit at our webstore.  You can use this to purchases anything on our website.  Other prizes are TBD.




Jerseys will be purchased through the Gemini website with a special code. We also know that some you have sponsors out there and are ordering jerseys now.     If you want to place our logo on your jersey , that is fine.  Email us at automaticaccuracy@gmail.com  and I can send the logo to you.

Thanks and have fun with this, we know we will!!! - Automatic Accuracy staff